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Thorofare Net

Thorofare Net

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The Thorofare Net is a fly fishing net built for the backcountry. Our patent-pending collapsible design allows anglers to quickly and seamlessly pack a net on their next backcountry adventure. Lightweight, durable, and incredibly portable, the Thorofare Net is the perfect tool for a week in the mountains or a big day of blue-lining. The net comes in a mil-spec mesh bag ideal for storage and travel.

Made in the USA | Frames are designed and manufactured in Salt Lake City, UT and assembled by hand at our shop in Los Angeles, CA

Watch the video below for a full product tutorial. 

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How to use the Thorofare Net

What's with the name?

Thorofare is an old English word referring to "a road or path between two places."

It is also the name of the furthest point from a road in the Lower 48: a corner of southeast Yellowstone National Park which provides spawning habitat to the native Yellowstone cutthroat trout of Yellowstone Lake. Filled with far more grizzly bears and cutthroats than people, it embodies the epic adventures that await the backcountry angler.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weight and dimensions?

Net weight: 13.3 oz (without case); 15.5 oz (with case).

Net dimensions (collapsed): 11"x6"

Net dimensions (assembled): 22 3/8" length x 10 7/8" width

Is this an ultralight backpacking product?

At Colter Backcountry, we're very experienced with ultralight backpacking. Although lighter than most of its peers, the Thorofare net is a lightweight piece of gear, not necessarily an ultralight product. If you're a hardcore ultralighter who only cares about how many grams your pack weighs, let's face it - you're probably not bringing fishing gear in the first place.

Our philosophy around pack weight is simple: pack minimally and take a few extra items that will enhance your backcountry experience. When you find yourself with a 20" native cutthroat on the end of your line, we'd wager that a good net is probably on the short list of items that will definitely broaden your backcountry experience.

When designing the Thorofare net, we wanted to create a lightweight and extremely packable product while maintaining the integrity and utility of a modern fly fishing net.

How durable is the net?

Built in the USA, Thorofare nets are designed to be your trusty companion in the backcountry. They are made to handle the rigors of backcountry fishing and the weight of fish but are not indestructible. Avoid stressing the joints unnaturally. We recommend watching the accompanying product video before using your net to properly assemble.

Does it float?

The Thorofare net's handle is completely sealed and will float in moving water during ordinary use.

How do I attach it?

Attach it however you attach your regular fishing net. The Thorofare net comes with a hole in its handle, enabling you to secure it with existing magnetic release or lanyard systems. In the backcountry, we frequently forgo this and just tuck it in a belt loop. The choice is yours!

Does it have a warranty?

Our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA and are built to last. If you have any problems with your Thorofare net, please get in touch with us on our repairs and returns page. We take pride in our product and will help repair or replace broken parts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Pirog
Very high quality net that packs down TINY!

Just received my new net yesterday so no chance to fish with it yet. My initial impression was the packaging is actually very impressive. It came in a padded envelop inside a very nice box all packed up in its carry bag. Directions were very straightforward and it seems quite well made. I own two other high end composite nets, one large one small, and in truth this feels a little heavier than I initially expected. I bought this net for air travel fishing trips to the west to keep things compact. As far as I can tell it’s the best and only option on the market, I’ve been waiting for this to come out for a while.


Great customer service! Lightweight and efficient design

Mark Bauman
Super innovative, game changing net!

The Thorofare net is a design innovation I didn't know I needed but now can't live without. Having a high qualify net that packs small and light is a game changer - not only for fishing in the backcountry but also for any traveling. Build and material quality is excellent, functionality is superb.